Practical Machine Learning

Machine learning is getting more and more practical and powerful. With zero knowledge in programming, you can train a model to predict house prices in no time. The following blog post link from Ofir Chakon explains the basic concepts of Machine Learning in simple and easy to understand terms.

Source: Practical machine learning: Ridge Regression vs. Lasso

Containerize Or Go Serverless?

As enterprises are looking to move to the cloud, there are two alternatives to consider, go Serverless or use Containers. The choice depends on many factors, but chief among them is the answer to the question: are you building from scratch or porting over existing applications with minimal change.

Serverless makes it easy for developers to build green field applications and not worry about software licenses, scaling, infrastructure management and governance. Whereas in containers these problems from the on-premise world lingers. Instead of VMs you have to manage containers. Given the momentum behind Serverless and the speed at which it allows functional requirements to be delivered without having to worry as much about NFRs, Serverless is an attractive option.