Printing to PDF using cups-pdf

Recently at work I discovered PDFCreator with which any document can be printed into PDF. Alas, it is a Windows program and a LINUX port is not available. Fortunately, I found cups-pdf for Ubuntu.

Note: You can print to a Post Script file directly in LINUX, and then use  ps2pdf13 to convert the .ps file to .pdf.

To install cups-pdf, type the following at the terminal or use Synaptic Package Manager:

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

Now, Ubuntu 9.04 installs a ‘PDF’ pritner automatically – in earlier versions you have to manually install a PDF printer as described here

Check your installation by going to:

System -> Administration -> Printing

You should see a printer with name PDF installed.

Now create a  directory named PDF in your home directory and you are all set to print directly to PDF.

You can change the name of the default directory from PDF to anything of your choice by changing the configuration file which is located at:


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