Opening UIF image files in Ubuntu

Opening UIF CD/DVD image files in Ubuntu

The other day I downloaded a CD image which came with an UIF extension. UIF is MagicISO image file. To open it in Ubuntu, you have to convert it into an ISO version.

Fortunately, there is a uif2iso converter. You can find it at

Download this zip file and extract it to a directory, say uif2isoSrc. You will find a windows version of uif2iso.exe in the root here. You can use wine to run it as follows:

wine uif2iso input.uif output.iso

or better still go to the src directory and run make here. Now, you will have an native executable uif2iso generated here. You can now add it to your bin directory and run it as:

uif2iso input.uif output.iso

NOTE: Once you have an iso file you can mount it as a virtual cdrom using gmount-iso.

Screenshot of Gmount-iso GUI
Screenshot of Gmount-iso GUI